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Weverse|How to enjoy New Hope Club on Weverse. (a Korean app)


New Hope Club is now on Weverse.(Since Feb 2021)

Weverse is a Korean mobile app and web site created by South Korean company Big Hit Entertainment.

What is Weverse?

I’ll introduce you to enjoy an interaction with them and their contents on Weverse.

Weverse|What is “To Artist”?

”To Artist” is a function to see a series of posts for artists fan posted.

If you want to write messages to artists, use the hashtag in a post.

And then the artists can see the posts easily, using the function “To Artist”.

Weverse|New Hope Club’s hashtags

To New Hope Club


To Blake


To George


To Reece


Weverse|New Hope Club’s Media

Digital contents’ category of New Hope Club on Weverse are the below.

  • For Wever
  • Music Videos
  • A Year Of NHC
  • Live in London
  • The Jukebox sessions
  • NHC 2020 Covers
  • Best of NHC Covers
  • Asia Tour Vlogs
  • Virtual World Tour-South Korea
  • NHC TV Season1
  • Best of NHC
  • NHC UK Arena Tour Vlog

You can enjoy New Hope Club on Weverse.

Enjoy New Hope Club on Weverse!